Diana Paulina Martínez Cancino


I am a lesbian and I am an engineer.//


I am a biomedical engineer interested in research and education. Currently, I work as a full time teacher and researcher in Chiapas, Mexico. My interests involve sthathistics, neuroscience and imaging processing.

I strongly believe science is more than just work, even greater than passion, it is a lifestyle. My purpose is to bring science closer to people that is why I try to get involved in scientific dissemination as much as I can.

I firmly believe it is needed to increase women representation in STEM and that is why I have participated in science clubs trying to spread my love for science to younger girls.

It is crucial to make visible the labor of LGBTQ+ members withing society, specially in science, in order to avoid discrimination and show that differences, instead of separating, should unite us to make a better world.