I am gay and I am a sociologist.//


Hi, I’m Daniel and I am working as a sociologist in Vienna. I got my Master’s degree in comparative literature, because, truth be told, my main concern after high school was to study something that has absolutely nothing to do with numbers or math. Fast forward a couple of years and it turns out – I am actually pretty good with those💁‍♂️.

I learned my statistics skills “on the job”. YouTube tutorials also helped🤫. I conducted studies on job quality, school-to-work-transitions, unemployment. All the while thinking that these topics effect LGBTIQ people in a more severe way. It took me some time, but I finally got funding for a survey on the working situation of LGBTIQ people and I was able to show how different characteristics lead to a higher risk of discrimination. Among them one that isn’t talked about much: class. Which got me thinking that maybe we need to do a better job in focusing on our underprivileged, working class peers and friends. Because it is them who usually reside in hostile environments, experience isolation (also within the community) and are more vulnerable to discrimination. Our efforts for societal change shouldn’t stop at LGBTIQ equality.