Connor Healy


I’m gay and I’m a bioengineering PhD student and 3D animator. //

My PhD research combines computation, microscopy, image analysis, and 3D animation. I am currently studying hematopoietic stem cells and the complex environment which maintains them—the bone marrow. Hematopoietic stem cells are the source of all blood and immune cells and thus have significant therapeutic potential. My dream is to create an interactive 3D simulationFor the computationally minded, being closeted was like having 90% of my RAM dedicated to not outing myself. That left 10% for everything else. Everything in my life, including my research, flourished when I came out 4 months ago. Sexual minorities are still marginalized in STEM fields and this hinders scientific progress. We can’t afford to have our LGBT+ colleagues functioning at 10%. Because of this, every day I strive to be as out as I can be, because, even if I achieve nothing else, I hope that I can show that you can be queer, and a scientist, and be proud of it. Everything else is just gold at the end of the rainbow. of the bone marrow that is both physiologically accurate and aesthetically pleasing, can be used to rapidly test hypotheses, and also be used in STEM education and outreach.