Colton Feathers


I am gay and I am an astrophysicist.//


I’m currently pursuing a PhD in astrophysics at the University of Toledo with a concentration in cosmology. The project I’m currently working on is a model of the early universe during the era between the “dark ages” before the first stars formed and the completion of the reionization of the universe. The dark matter halos that populated the universe then attract eachother gravitationally and merge until they reach a critical mass that can cause a gas collapse to form the first stars made of the pristine gas formed from the Big Bang.

I grew up in a really small town in Ohio so it was difficult coming to terms with being gay. It wasn’t really heard of and felt wrong for so many years. Luckily my friends and most of my family was supportive of me when I came out in undergrad, and today my fellow grad students are just as accepting.