Christian Mauricio


I am queer and I am a systems engineer.//


I am a systems engineer for a defense contracting company. Growing up in the Rhode Island and Connecticut up until now, I’ve developed passions from living in small states with big hearts. Community involvement, elevating others to be their best selves, commitment to social justice, and clam chowder are a few of those passions.

Once I discovered my positive attitude spreads to more people than I could have hoped for, my focus shifted to helping people. And this carried into my career where I aspire every day to improve the quality of our lives and sustain the planet by way of my functions and direct action.

Last year, I educated myself more on the history of gay and transgender lives during the civil rights movement and the aids epidemic, two periods Southern California is no stranger to. Now,I haved joined the PRIDE group at my company as a commitment to affirm queer and transgender identities in science. I recognize those who pursue their most authentic selves will find prosperity in their life and work. To me, being queer is more than waving a pride flag during the month of June, it’s an allegiance to civil rights and being an ally for every individual.