Charlotte Istance-Tamblin


I am a lesbian and I am a chemistry Mchem student.//

I made the decision to return to education after spending a long time selling phones for a living. For me, studying chemistry is the most wonderful thing I have ever had the opportunity to do. It started when my wife and I returned from our honeymoon in New Zealand; all we could think about is ‘how do we go back there?’ We considered the usual ideas of learning a trade or something similar then one day I woke up and it hit me… I nudged Bex and said “I want to go back to school” she asked why, I told her I wanted to study chemistry, she replied “what for?”, “so I can teach it”. She simply replied “well go do it then”, rolled over and went back to sleep. And so here I am, a mature-ish student at the University of Manchester, chasing after an interest in radiochemistry and a dream to teach at the academic level. I am a strong advocate for supporting women in STEM and I am trying to support this within the school of chemistry and through outreach. I love connecting with other scientists through twitter too and have met so many amazing people!

Twitter: @chemcharley