Carolyn Hutchinson


I am queer, nonbinary, bisexual and I am an analytical-environmental chemist and mass spectrometrist.//

I always wanted to be a scientist of some sort. I loved being outdoors, finding things I didn’t know, and seeking out the most in-depth answers I could. I ended up in chemistry through a bit of a fluke in undergrad, but I instantly fell in love with analytical chemistry as soon as I learned about it. I pursued a PhD in analytical chemistry with a focus on mass spectrometry to continue to dig into the how’s and why’s of the world. I’ve used high resolution mass spectrometry to research alternative energy sources (biofuels) as well as environmental chemistry (estrogens in wastewater). I’m also passionate about increasing LGBTQ+ visibility in STEM and bringing attention to the problems faced by first-generation and rural students.