Brooke Otten

She/Her, They/Them

I am a demiwoman lesbian and I am a professor of chemistry.//

When I first started my collegiate career, I felt invisible and disconnected from the subjects of chemistry and math. There were few examples of scientist and mathematicians that I could identify with or relate to. As I continued my undergraduate education, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with a few LGBTQ+ chemistry graduate students at the time in my life when I was questioning my identity and where if I fit into the field of chemistry. Through their academic and personal mentorship, I learned that no matter who I am or how I identify that I am a scientist and I deserve a seat at the table. As a graduate student I decided to be out and proud in the chemistry department where I obtained my Ph.D. and excelled academically and professionally. As a professor I now want to pass on my love of chemistry and chemical research and to serve as the out and proud mentor I wish I had seen in my younger years. I strive to encourage students to demand visibility and respect in the STEM fields and to ensure they know they can be anything they want.

Twitter: @brooke_m_otten