They/Them or She/Her

I am pansexual and genderqueer and I am a wildlife technician (currently working with grizzlies) and an illustrator.//


During this chapter of my life, I am a grizzly bear trapping technician in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, collaring grizzlies for a study aiming to learn more about how these iconic carnivores interact with elk hunters on the landscape, in hopes of better understanding and reducing human-wildlife conflict. I studied Natural Resources at Cornell with a self-designed concentration in ‘Community-Based Human-Wildlife Conflict Management’, and I have worked on multiple projects studying and working to mitigate human-wildlife conflict across the American west since I graduated. I have mostly worked with bears (black bears and grizzlies), raccoons, and coyotes; and most of my work has been for the National Park Service. I also have a part-time business as an artist, with the goal of creating illustrations that inspires a more wild and appreciated world. I aspire to become a wildlife biologist & human-wildlife conflict manager, supporting communities to understand and mitigate complex human-wildlife conflict situations. When I’m not working or creating art, I get a most of my joy in life from spending time with my fabulous friends, community, and family! I also love hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, cooking, face-painting, dreaming up ways to live more intentionally, and wandering around the mountains and forests of the world chasing mammals and sunsets.

Instagram: @BintaWoldArt