Bilal Khan


I am gay MPH graduate specialized in epidemiology.//

I am a Research Analyst at the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health(CAMH). My work primarily focuses on developing mixed methods evaluations for mental health and addictions trainings and I collect/analyze qualitative/quantitative data on the future impact and application of these trainings. Trainings vary from topics such as trauma-informed approaches, de-escalation skills, self-care/management strategies, and use of simulation to mimic challenging situations. Prior to this, I have research experiences ranging on topics such as patient cancer knowledge, secondary stroke prevention, PTSD and depression among stroke/TIA patients, and dementia models of care/care triad. I am Pakistani by ethnicity, Canadian by birth, and American by naturalization. Through my formative years, I looked for role models that matched my identity and quickly realized there are few openly gay Pakistani men in the larger scientific community. As a fully realized public health professional, I now take pride in visibly representing for future generations of LGBTQ2S-Pakistani to feel confident in being openly gay and contributing to the STEM community. Lastly, I hope to pursue a doctoral degree in the near future in public health/health system research.

Twitter: @BilalKhanNYU