Adam Willits


I am gay and I am a biomedical sciences PhD student.//

I was told in high school by my biology teacher that I wouldn’t ever make it in science because I wasn’t smart enough. Now, being the only gay person in the entire Biology department of my Master’s university has even more challenges at times. Despite this, just yesterday, I successfully defended my Master’s thesis on how cellular and molecular signaling pathways regulate nociceptor sensitivity in Drosophila to cause chronic pain. I recently published my results in a peer-reviewed journal highlighting the molecular pathway I studied as a potential therapeutic target in neuropathic pain conditions. In a month, I’ll be moving and will begin my PhD in Biomedical Sciences. I have worked every day of my life to prove everyone wrong by showing my worth and potential in the field. Always push yourself to be your best in spite of what others say about you, because no one else knows better for you than you.

Instagram: @adam_willits