Bertrand Dumont


I’m gay and I’m an animal scientist. //

I am using my knowledge of agroecology and grassland ecology to increase the sustainability of livestock farming systems. Despite positive contributions to society, livestock farming is currently facing changes in socio-cultural values related to its land use and climate impacts, animal welfare, and knowledge of food origin. My work aims to promote ways of reconciling natural resource management and food production in the long term, as part of the necessary transition of agriculture. In doing this, I try to contribute to an ecologically and socially fair world. I believe it is important to be visible as an LGBTQ+ member of the STEM community to ensure the next generation, and those who live in less LGBT-friendly countries, have positive role models, and know they are not alone. Being openly gay to my work colleagues has made me feel more self-confident and probably helped me becoming a better person and a better scientist. Love is love and LGBTQ+ rights are human rights! Being part of the 500 Queer Scientists campaign is just another way to contribute to a more equitable and fair world.