Aviva Rathbone


I am queer and I am an archaeologist.//

I am the Senior Archaeologist for Musqueam Indian Band in Vancouver, Canada.My role as the Senior Archaeologist for a First Nation is to listen and learn from community members and to use that knowledge and my voice to ensure the respectful management of heritage resources (archaeological sites) in Musqueam territory. I act as a technical specialist for Musqueam and my work and research is very much focused on the decolonization of the research and management of archaeological resources. I am particularly interested in changing how heritage is defined, legislated, managed, and controlled in British Columbia. I am also committed to critically examining the discipline of archaeology and the roles played by those of us who practice heritage management and perpetuate the longstanding legacy of colonial control. I am committed to the principles of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and in ensuring those rights are assured in the management of heritage.

Instagram: @avivadoes