Aspen Coyle


I am transfemme and queer and I am a biologist.//


I’m a marine biologist with a focus on Alaskan crabs, but with experience working with a variety of species, from salmon to groundfish to sea cucumbers. I’m now a grad student at the University of Washington using gene expression and linear modeling to investigate Tanner crabs and their parasite, the dinoflagellate Hematodinium (also the causative agent of Bitter Crab Syndrome!).

I spent a while living as a queer guy in rural Alaska, doing a variety of technician projects at remote field sites across the state. I realized I was trans after starting grad school, and started transitioning in early 2023!

In my free time, I’m involved in the queer Seattle music scene, and do a lot of long-distance bike touring and bikepacking! I’m happy to chat about any and all of the topics above!