Ariadna Ramírez Granados


I am a lesbian and I am a research scientist.//


I am a nutritionist interested in food policy and the concept of foodscapes. I currently work as a Research scientist in my own company, Science Helper. Using scientific methodology, our goal is to assist other scientists, research institutions, business, and students in the development of new technologies, public policies, and social improvements.
I created a page, Rebanada de ciencia, because I am an enthusiastic promoter of scientific dissemination, with the purpose of increase women representation on the STEM field.
As a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, I think it is important to make visible who we are, and what we do as professionals; establish positive role models, and break down the remaining social stigma and discrimination. I firmly believe that we have a great opportunity to show that differences can enrich and improve our lives.