Andrés S. Bräutigam


I am gay and I am a wildlife veterinarian.//


Hey everybody! Andy here! I am a veterinary student coursing my last year of vet school and I have worked with wildlife, specially sloths, for over 6 years. In my career path I always had the distinct pleasure of working closely with other lgbt+ partners, this allowed me to grow into my career and grow up into the community almost at the same time. I’m infinitely grateful that I got to grow up having this kind of queer role models growing up and I hope that I can become a figure like that for other aspiring vets in the future! While also helping as much wildlife as possible of course! My goals for the future are to be a representative of the lgbt community in the field of wildlife medicine and also to become a specialist in xenarthrans (sloths, armadillos and anteaters)