Alexander Serebrenik


I’m gay and I’m a software engineering researcher working both on social and technical aspects of software evolution. //

I’m Alexander Serebrenik, associate professor of software evolution at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. I grew up in Moscow, Russia, studied at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel and got my PhD from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. I also used to be a postdoc in France before accepting a faculty position in the Netherlands. I still live in Belgium and cross the border twice a day 🙂 When it comes to personal interests, I like art and opera. I’m happily married and a proud “daddy” of two beautiful Yorkshire terriers. I study both social and technical aspects of software evolution, i.e. how software systems and their developer communities change in time. My most recent projects are related to diversity in development teams and understanding emotion in developers’ communication. When it comes to diversity I would like to understand how different minority groups operate in development teams and communities, what obstacles they encounter, and how we can support them. On the emotional side, I’m looking at what makes developers angry: for instance, if they are angry about code they are working on, this code might deserve special attention, while if they are angry about each other, a very different kind of intervention might be needed.