Alex Levine


I am queer and I am the Director of Education for a science nonprofit.//


I studied environmental science as an undergrad and biology for my Masters. While pursuing my biology degree I fell in love with informal environmental and science education and pursued that as a career. I also had a long, complicated journey getting to that place, a version of which many queer kids experience – dropping out of school, a decade spent in the clubs, drug abuse, homelessness, loneliness. I share my story whenever possible, because I had no role models growing up (much less queer ones) to tell me, “There is no expiration date for discovering who you are. You will fall and fail. And you will get up and succeed. Fulfill nobody’s expectations but your own and, even then, be kind and be forgiving.” And! Once you get to where you want to be professionally, bring your truest, queerest, gayest, most authentic self to work.