Agnaldo Esquincalha


I am gay and I am currently head of the Graduate Program in Mathematics Education at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.//


I did a Masters in Applied and Computational Mathematics and a PhD in Mathematics Education. My research interests focus on Math Education for Social Justice, in particular, the inclusion of girls and women and LGBT+ people in STEM.

I lead a research group called “MatematiQueer: Gender and Sexuality Studies in Mathematics Education”, and I supervise master’s and doctoral works on the following topics: i) Critical Mathematics Education, Human Rights and Social Justice; ii) Gender Relations and Feminisms in Mathematics Education; iii) Sexual Minorities, Alterity and Mathematics Education.

At MatematiQueer, we develop projects and have partnerships with non-governmental organizations that defend gender equity in STEM and the causes of LGBT+ people. Our research group and our projects are heavily attacked on social media, because the articulation of Mathematics, a science delusionally seen as neutral and apolitical, with Gender and Sexuality Studies, seems to bother conservative groups and even some mathematicians who refuse to understand mathematics as human production and social practice. Meanwhile, Brazil continues to be the country that kills the most LGBT people in the world, and the fifth country with the most femicides.