Zara Weinberg


I am queer and I am a cell biologist.//


I want to understand how our cells and bodies are capable of responding to a practically infinite number of environmental stimuli with only a limited pool of sensors and signaling pathways. Pursuing this journey has led me to get a BA in Psychology (Reed College, 2011), a PhD in Biological Sciences (Carnegie Mellon University, 2017), and to do postdocs in Pharmacology and Biochemistry/Biophysics (University of Michigan & UCSF).

I have been so lucky to have mentors and colleagues from a diverse set of backgrounds throughout my career. Although I was scared when I came out in graduate school, I was able to find people to support me and advocate for me. More than even my scientific curiosities, I am compelled to continue in academia to be able to support and advocate for others from all backgrounds who do not yet feel completely at home inside the ivory tower. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of help!