Zach Brown


I am gay and I am a PhD student in ecology and biogeochemistry.//

Shortly after graduating with a BS in Environmental Science, I managed several laboratories in Indiana. I enjoyed the benefits of amazing labmates and an interesting full time job immediately after graduating. I told myself and the lab groups that I would never do a PhD. Two years later enrolled at the University of Tasmania, Australia. I study the effects of global change on plant-soil interactions and how those interactions affect ecosystem greenhouse gas budgets.I actively carve time in my schedule to participate in science communication, as I think most/all scientists should. I’m excited to be part of the energy brewing in current early career scientists. We’re doing some amazing research AND helping to make the community and world a bit more equitable. You all are legends! In my free time I’m bushwalking, rock climbing or doing just about anything else outside.

Twitter @zachalexanderb