I am queer and I am a medical writer.//

I was queer and a scientist for years before I connected the two. My education took me through a pharmacy doctorate, an engineering degree, and finally a PhD in pharmacology. It was only during the latter that I gained awareness of LGBT+ visibility in STEM. Listening to the stories of other LGBT+ scientists at an ad hoc seminar made me realise how much discrimination and how little visibility there still is in STEM. Looking back, I count myself lucky that I never felt discriminated against in my career. However, I also realised that most of my education lacked queer role models and that I mostly tried to keep under the radar. Initiatives like 500 Queer Scientists are a great way to give us more visibility. So here is my little stone on this path. Proud geek, hoping to contribute and help other queer scientists to feel represented and valued. As for visibility, the picture is from a personal highlight: when I got the amazing opportunity to feature in “Genius” by Prof. Stephen Hawking on PBS/National Geographic. Thanks!

Instagram: @will_will_do