W. Tang Watanasriyakul


I am gay and I am a PhD candidate in behavioral neuroscience. //

I’m originally from Bangkok, Thailand, but moved to the States when I was 15. I first fell in love with biological psychology in high school, as I was coming to terms with my sexuality. I was fortunate that I found incredible mentors in college who researched the effects of early life stress and its neuroendocrine effects. Currently, I’m staring my dissertation projects, examining potential effects of parental stress and depression on offspring’s behavioral, neuroendocrine, and cardiovascular functions in the prairie vole. I used to purposely live my academic life and my queer life separately; however, the current political climate inspired (forced) me to embrace both of my identities, as both scientific and LGBTQ communities are constantly being attacked (e.g. reduced funding, discriminatory laws, violence). Importantly, I want to highlight the intersectionality of identities within both communities. For example, people of color are still being underrepresented in both communities.