Victor Passos


I am gay and I am a pharmacist and drug/gene delivery researcher.//


It took me nearly 25 years to accept who I am. Not because I never knew who I was. Quite the contrary. I knew it fairly well. But for a long time, I tried to be who people wanted me to be. I was judged by my hair, by my behavior, by my dislike of “boys” sports, by my excitement to get a Saint Seiya doll for my birthday (but never Andromeda Shun, obviously), and I’m pretty sure some people judged me by my skin color, especially after dusk, when they crossed the street to avoid face me in the same sidewalk. It should come without saying, but I finally decided to be who I am! And this feeling of ownership comes with a hatred towards this society that doesn’t let people be free. So now, I proudly say that I am gay, I’m black, and I’m a researcher and is my life goal to advocate for people’s rights and show those young queers out there that they should never ever hide who they are for nobody. The plurality is what makes us unique! Don’t wait for 25 years to be happy!
And when I’m not doing all that, I develop lipid nanoparticles for enabling gene therapy!