Valerie W


I am bi and I am a neuroscience PhD student.//

My name is Valerie and I’m a bisexual neuro-nerd! My love for neuroscience started in freshman year of undergrad at Mizzou when, as a business major, I ended up in a neuroscience class on accident! Turns out I loved it, so I changed my major, started working in two animal research labs, and was lucky enough to be accepted straight out of undergrad to a Neuroscience PhD program. My primary research focus is the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of alcoholism, particularly compulsive-drinking. I am now a second year in the program and looking forward to proposing my masters thesis. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Insta, and always remember to #stayweird!

Twitter: @valerie_weise; Instagram: @valerie_weise22