Val Schull


I am queer, trans, nonbinary, Latinx and I am a PhD student in agricultural and biological engineering.//

I am a queer, trans, nonbinary Latinx person who is also a programmer and a hydrologist. My graduate research focuses on impacts on water quality using a Food-Energy-Water framework. Working within the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University, I have learned that complex answers to how we will feed, power, and quench the thirst of future generations requires an interdisciplinary approach, with diverse minds at work. Working through the Sustainable Food, Energy, and Water Systems (SFEWS) program funded through the National Science Foundation, has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines of research and scientists, engineers, economists, agronomists, and programmers from diverse backgrounds. As a queer, trans person of color, I hope to be able to become a faculty member at a research university and focus on interdisciplinary research, as well as empowering students from marginalized communities who have interest in water quality modeling and sustainable farming research in order to allow them to succeed and diversify the field of agricultural engineering with new ideas and backgrounds.

Instagram: @lifting_schullk