Tyler J Ford


I am bi and I am a science communicator with a PhD in biological and biomedical sciences.//

I did my graduate work in synthetic biology. I attempted to get bacteria to create gasoline in a way that would lower greenhouse gas emissions. Along the way, I participated in clubs focused on science communication, tutored 5th graders, and presented my progress as often as I could. Long story short, it’s probably not a good idea to produce gasoline in bacteria, but my love for science communication grew and grew throughout my time in grad school. Now, I help scientists at academic, non-profit, and biotech-focused organizations share their research stories. I usually do this through writing but I also do graphic design, video, podcast, and social media work. I often try to explain biological concepts through silly illustrations. I’m always excited to learn something new and share it in a creative way.

Twitter: @tyfordfever; Instagram: @scicommbytyler