Tyler E. Dunn


I am queer and I am a biological anthropologist.//

I’m interested in bones and the stories they tell. A hallmark of anthropology as a discipline is its goal to understand multiple levels human variation. I am interested in the mechanisms that dive this variation in the skeleton. Bones are an aspect of our anatomy that all humans and our closest living relatives share and ability to understand variation in these structures is the ability to voice a story that is no longer able to be told. This has taken me to some exciting places to explore some interesting skeletons but I am constantly reminded how similar all people are. I’m an anatomy instructor at a medical school in the United States and have worked on field projects in China, Laos, Uganda, Romania, and across the Unites States looking at bones and their contexts. As a scientist, educator, and academic I strive to cultivate environments what are welcoming of diverse lived experiences to allow others to share those experiences.

Instagram @tytydunn