Thom Leach


I am gay and I am a scientific animator and illustrator.//


Hey everyone! I’m a biotechnology PhD graduate who became a freelance scientific animator and illustrator. I do my very best to help scientists get their work noticed, and to break down barriers in communication with the general public. Always happy to share my experience with scientists who feel a spark of creativity, but aren’t quite sure how to apply it.

In my experience, the scientific community have been more open minded about sexuality and gender than others, but LGBTQ+ people are still underrepresented. As a teen, I questioned my enthusiasm in science because it’s not often how LGBTQ+ people are represented in the media, thinking to myself “where do I fit?”. I’m so glad I decided to pursue a career in this field, and I’ve met many super talented LGBTQ+ scientists along the way. Always happy to share my journey, and to listen to others.