Theresa Barosh


I am queer and I am a cecidologist. //

I am a queer doctoral candidate studying plant-insect interactions at Colorado State University. Growing up, I was keen on the visual arts. Attending Willamette University, I became devoted to conducting science. The process of asking questions and systematically developing answers appealed to my identity as a creative individual. I became passionate about communicating science through visual media. I consider it my responsibility to communicate my research to the public accessibly so that people can make informed decisions. One of the barriers that people, scientist or otherwise, face in participating in scientific and policy discussions is the impostor syndrome. I have been fortunate to be enthusiastically supported by my family, fellow graduate students, and mentors. The people surrounding me help me feel like I can figure out the answers and should participate in the discussion. My wish for all developing scientists is that they can find the community that empowers them, too.