Theodore Smith


I am queer and pansexual and I am a human anatomist and educational researcher.//


I am an assistant professor of anatomy and educational researcher. I currently teach gross anatomy to medical and graduate students. My research interests are varied but I enjoy learning about cognition and learning, imaging of the human body, and human evolution. A major component of my work is aimed at addressing educational inequities for minoritized populations in the healthcare education. This work mainly manifests by examining the role of LGBTQIA+ healthcare students in curricular change and creating a more inclusive anatomical curricula.

I have a B.A. in physical anthropology and evolutionary biology from Case Western Reserve University, a M.S. in Anatomy from Ohio State, and a Ph.D in Anatomy and Cell Biology (Education) from Indiana University.

I live with my partner and cat, Ruby. I enjoying reading sci fi/fantasy, cooking and baking, and getting lost in my thoughts.