Taylor Williams


I am queer and I am a psychophysiology PhD student.//

I am a queer psychophysiologist that focuses much of my research on the use of testosterone as a hormonal supplemental to aid in gender transition from female to male or other gender identification related reasons. I work with qEEGs, which are essentially brain maps similar to a fMRI. QEEG stands for Quantitative Electroencephalography. QEEG is multiple electroencephalography, EEG, sensors placed over the head to pick up the brain’s electrical patterns. When medication or supplements are taken, brain presentation changes. In my study, I am exploring the outcomes of how testosterone presents for these individuals. In my field there are other queer people, but not enough. I hope to add to the literature and help bring more light to an area that needs more research and understanding. In addition, I aim to help educate my field about the queer community. *note in the photo is not of a QEEG cap, but at a conference trying out new devices

Twitter @frogslide