Szymek Drobniak


I am queer and I am an evolutionary biologist and biostatistician + an artist!//


Im an evolutionary biologist based in Australia (UNSW) and Poland (Jagiellonian Uni), studying the evolution of sexual behaviours, animal colouration and phenotypic plasticity. I use various methods, doing both fieldwork (on my beloved Gotland in Sweden, where I study blue tits and flycatchers) and comparative/meta-analyses. I’m a R geek and huge fan of mathematical modelling in statistics, always loving to play with new biostatistical methods, simulations and visual models.

I did my PhD at the Jagiellonian University in the wonderful Kraków city, than I jumped through a number of post-docs (Zurich (CH), Uppsala (SE)) to land in Oz as a DECRA fellow at the UNSW.

Apart from science I an avid art&science advocate, engaging in all sorts of artsy science depictions. I run my own small graphic design studio where I draw, make book covers, scientific illustrations and infographics. I’m passionate about outreach and popular science – which did make me co-host several TV shows, appear on radio programs and write several popular science books. My website below leads to my art world – for my science just search me on Google Scholar.