Stephen T Yeung


I am gay and I am an infectious disease neuroimmunologist and science policy advocate.//


My scientific career is quite unusual and came with a lot of failure and uncertainty, but my passion for knowledge got me through. I started with studying in the field of Neuroscience studying Neurogenesis, Stem Cell Therapy, and Neurodegeneration in my undergrad with Dr. Frank M. LaFerla and Dr. Mathew Blurton-Jones at UC Irvine. I then went to pursue my PhD at UConn Health and joined the Immunology program with Dr. Kamal M. Khanna but we moved to New York University Langone Health mid-thesis in studying the ontogeny, maintenance, and function of tissue resident macrophages in host defense. After graduating I moved to Weill Cornell Medicine’s Department of Medicine Division of Infectious Disease as a Senior Research Scientist with Dr. Lishomwa Ndhlovu, where we primarily focus on HIV cure strategies. My¬†primary¬†focus is understanding the spatial temporal dynamics between immune and non-immune cells and infectious pathogens and/or neurodegenerative diseases pathologies. I try to be active in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies and science policies during my free time.