Skaya Greene


I am bi and poly and I am a psychology major.//


I’m currently majoring in both psychology and mortuary science this year! Opposed to my classmates and peers I’ve always felt separated? Different? Until one day I was listening to an Ologies podcast about scorpions and I got to learn about other queer scientists. More than ever now do I feel comfortable in academic situations without hiding the queer parts of my identity.

Psychology has always been a cardinal interest of mine. I love that psychology can be discussed and is discussed so casually in our lives. Whether it be the observation of those around us and their mood swings or the group psychology we see continuously. This has always been my jam. I love the passion behind psychology and hopefully will become a professor after finishing my all education goals. Its amazing to me how chemical and structural changes in the brain can contribute to our psychology. The neurobiology, behavioral, and the humanistic perspectives in psychology leave endless paths for scientists of the future.