Sidney Woodruff


I am queer and I am an ecology PhD student, researching native reptile and amphibian conservation and management, particularly Western pond turtle population dynamics in Yosemite National Park.//


I am a black, biracial, queer, genderfluid woman (…for now) working towards a PhD in Ecology. Growing up, I loved math and science, but never really knew or understood that I could have a career as a wildlife researcher. I did not have that moment growing up, looking at Steve Irwin on TV, where I thought that that could be me. I hope that I can be that representation for someone to see that science is for them. Being open and visible as a queer scientist is vital to my own success, and I refuse to hide such an important part of my identity. I strive to continue growing as a person and LGBTQ advocate in the way I conduct science, how I critique the questions being asked, and by lifting up the voices of those who may not be included in the conversation.

Additionally, I am a part of a mentorship program called M.U.S.E. (Mentorship for Underrepresented STEM Enthusiasts) that establishes mentor and mentee relationships for STEM students and professionals from underrepresented backgrounds. Feel free to reach out to me for guidance and advice on how to navigate graduate school, careers, and being open and honest with yourself and your intersecting identities. Check us out!