Sébastien Lapointe


I am gay and I am a chemistry PhD student. //

I’m a gay chemist in my third year in the field of organometallics and coordination chemistry, specifically researching metal-ligand interactions and special reactivity of transition metals with small molecules! I really enjoy the queer community in science and chemistry! I’m happy to be part of a diverse group of students and researchers here at OIST (Okinawa, Japan). The numbers of students and researchers are low, which makes for a very tightly knit community 🙂 I wish many more of the bigger universities would make me and others feel part of a big family as much as OIST does! Other than working hard in my lab, I enjoy playing various video games, and I’m also part of a very queer-friendly subculture, which helped me very much to come out in my earlier days. Actually there’s quite a few scientists in this subculture! Anyway, I hope to see you at a conference or anywhere else! Have a good day from your friendly French-Canadian scientist on a tropical island!