Scott Strange


I am gay and I am a protein biochemist.//


I recently received my PhD in Biotechnology Science and Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. My dissertation research was on characterizing novel antimicrobial protein drug targets that could lead to development of novel antibiotic treatments for drug resistant bacterial infections. I am looking forward to new research endeavors that have the same meaningful impact to people’s lives as I transfer into my role from graduate student to professional scientist.

Aside from science, I am very passionate about HIV advocacy. As someone living with the virus myself, I want to show those who are newly diagnosed there is life after diagnosis and you should never give up on your dreams just because you have HIV. I am also very passionate about increasing diversity in STEM and took active participation in helping and mentoring LS-AMP students throughout my graduate school career, and will continue to advocate for all underrepresented minorities to have a seat at the table. It is my hope that the NSF and other organizations will soon include the Queer community in the data they collect so programs like LS-AMP and Bridge to Doctorate are available to sexual and gender minorities.