Sami Case


I am gay and I am a neuropharmacologist.//


I am a Pharmacology PhD student at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Our lab investigates disease/age-associated changes at the neurovascular unit using cutting-edge two-photon imaging of neuronal Ca2+ networks, intrinsic optical signal and laser speckle contrast imaging, molecular biology, and behaviour. Before pursuing my PhD, I completed a B.Sc. in Behavioural Neuroscience, where I fell in love with the field. The drawings and writings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal lured me in. Learning about the development of neuroscience from a psychological perspective, I have a greater appreciation for the thoughts behind the discoveries and what brilliant minds were trying to decipher. Small things become so much more exciting with context!

Outside of lab, I volunteer with Dysautonomia International, an organization that increases awareness, advocates for research and legislation, and provides support for those with dysautonomia and their loved ones. I also enjoy outreach with local K-12 schools, providing engagement and exploration for young future physicians and scientists. I’m always looking for opportunities to help get people excited about science!

My identity in the LGBTQ2 community guides me in supporting and mentoring students. I have directly learned ways to create a welcoming environment (and ways not to) through my research experiences and I want to help the next generation of students flourish!