Rudy Nazitto


I am gay and I am an immunologist.//


I am an immunology PhD candidate at the University of Washington studying how our immune system recognizes viruses, like HIV-1, and regulates subsequent antiviral responses. I studied microbiology at Cornell University for undergrad and have always been fascinated by the intersection of pathogens and the host.

My training as a scientist has been a journey in not only developing critical thinking skills and techniques, but also in developing self-confidence. I have had my own personal struggles in finding my own identity and constantly questioning my life choices. I slowly realized that my issues in self-identity were spilling over and permeating my scientific training, creating a cloud of constant self-doubt that affected my view of myself in the scientific community. Fortunately, I took control of my own fate and am extremely happy with the person I have become with the love and support for friends and family.

Today I realize more than ever how important it is to be your true authentic self. It not only gives you the freedom to be the truest version of yourself, but it also allows you to lift others up around you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about science or otherwise!