Ross Jaggers


I am gay and I am an ex-chemist who now promotes science to the public.//

I’m a gay chemist who, after a PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of Warwick, UK), has shifted his focus to the public and private sector. After a short stint as a writer/industry engagement assistant, I’ve enrolled at Tsinghua University, Beijing, to partake in a Global Affairs & Leadership Masters (Schwarzman Scholars), with a view of promoting the importance of science technology in solving the biggest global challenges of the 21st century. Having spent many years in an environment of talented scientists, I’m now spending my days discussing policy, economics and business with those who will shape the world over the next few decades. Two things about myself make me proud – being a vocal scientist, and an LGBT+ advocate. I will being both for as long as it is helpful to the people around me! I blog about my time in China, being a scientist, and being LGBT+, at

Twitter @rossjaggers ; Instagram @ross.jaggers