Rose Kuzina


I am a lesbian and I am a citizen scientist with the good fortune of being able to retire.//


I am a retired archaeologist (who also worked for the Canadian government in other capacities) and now refer to myself as a guardian of our natural, historical and cultural environments. I am currently discovering, documenting, photographing and contributing data on native orchids, historic properties, birds and whatever I can identify (!). It is not enough for me to participate; I must also contribute. Besides being rather alarmed at the amount of scientific illiteracy out there, I am keen on introducing science to the diverse community of (especially) queer females and youngsters who can be whoever and whatever they want to be. I am pleased to see the number of queer scientists identifying on this website and would be honoured to be included in your ranks. My post-career interests include astronomy and cosmology, geology, paleontology and human origins.