Romário Matos


I am gay and I am a PhD student in microbiology (Virology).//

I am a PhD student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ, Brazil. I’m a Pharmacist and during my undergrad I studied immune mechanisms underpinning the pathophysiology of neurological disorders mainly depression and schizophrenia. The link between viral infections and neurological impairments made me want to start learning about viruses, neurovirology and antiviral drugs. I earned a MSc degree in Microbiology studying Zika and Dengue viruses and I am currently involved in projects that aim to investigate interactions between virus (Zika,Dengue,Chikungunya and HIV) and cell host proteins and the outcomes of it in viral replication. Besides I’m also working with drug repositioning to treat CHIKV infection. I believe we can change people’s future through science and I’m passionated about this possibility. Science completely changed my life!

twitter @romario_mattos