Reed Davis


I am gay and I am a skeletal biologist and Nationally Registered EMT.//


I earned my bachelor’s in biology from The University of Prince Edward Island in Canada before moving back to Ohio to earn my EMT certification. I worked in the Cleveland-Akron-Canton area of Ohio for two years before going to grad school. In my time there I saw first-hand the effects of the opioid epidemic. I applied to The University of Akron for a master’s in cell and molecular biology where I studied the presence and role of Krüppel-like factors in zebrafish central visual structures.

After graduating, I applied for the Integrated Bioscience PhD program. I now study how opioids affect bone quality as well as how bone diseases like osteoporosis change bone microarchitecture. I examine these questions using high-resolution 3D imaging (e.g. Synchrotron Radiation µCT, confocal microscopy). In researching these topics, I hope to find critical time points to apply clinical intervention to slow or reverse the progression of these diseases.