Professor Duncan Cameron


I am gay and I am an environmental microbiologist.//


I am professor of plant and soil biology and Co-Director of the ‘flagship’ research institute, The Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield, UK. I’m an environmental microbiologist/biological chemist and my research uses multi omics approaches (metabolomics, proteomics and genomics) to investigate how soil microbes enhance plant nutrition and health in the context of sustainable agriculture and global food security. I am active in science policy and for example gave evidence at the UN climate negotiations on Paris in 2015. My work is highly interdisciplinary and international, having recently worked with the UNHCR to develop microagricultural systems with refugees from the Syrian conflict in Jordan and with historians to understand the socio cultural impacts changing diets in India. I am a passionate science communicator working with painters, sculptors, musicians and performance artists to develop (and perform in) artworks and stage shows that explore food security and environmental sustainability for both adults and children. As a gay senior academic, I am committed to increasing the visibility of LGBTQI+ people as well as supporting LGBTQI+ issues as part of my position as a ‘gay role model’ at The University of Sheffield.