Peter Weinberger


I am gay and I am an assistant professor in inorganic chemistry.//

After high school in Vienna (Austria) I studied technical chemistry at TU Wien, graduated and finished my PhD in inorganic chemistry specializing on the coordination chemistry of copper compounds. During my PostDoc time I dived into the field of iron(II) spin crossover complexes. In 2010 I received the venia docendi (habilitation) in inorganic chemistry. Since then I established my own research group in Magneto- and Thermochemistry holding a position as assistant professor at TU Wien.

My teaching activities cover lectures in “Inorganic chemistry” and “Structure Elucidation” as well as soft skills lectures in “Chemistry and Society”. I am member of the equal opportunities board at TU Wien and scientific referee for the Science Award of the “Austrian Gay Professionals” (AGPro).