Pedro Ferreira


I am gay and I am a neuroscientist and science communicator. //

I’ve never known any other reality than being gay—as soon as I could read and handle a test tube and a magnesium sulfate sample, I knew I was different from other boys. I guess that led me to becoming more introverted and bookish, focusing my time on indoors and brainy tasks rather than playing football and climbing trees. I’d always wanted to be a scientist with a nose in chemistry sets, so ended up migrating to molecular biology. (A few years ago, I got a few base pairs of my DNA tattooed onto my right arm. LOVE that tattoo.) Ultimately, my curiosity about other humans led me to a PhD in neuroscience, my general wonderment for science into becoming a science communicator, and my love for books into academically researching the links between literature, science, stories, and the brain. There’s just so much to love and be in awe of in our Universe that I find it hard to stick to one single obsession. Life’s too short to be boring, so do get your jiggy with whatever makes you happy.