Michael F Meyer


I am gay and I am an aquatic ecologist and limnologist.//


My “STEM story” has a fair number of twists and turns. My first foray into the environmental sciences was in 2012, when I interned briefly with the California Tahoe Conservancy and Russian Forest Department via the Tahoe-Baikal Institute. Working at Lake Baikal definitely lit my passion for integrative and synthetic environmental research. Following those internships, I finished up my degrees in Biology, Russian Studies, and International Studies at Saint Louis University (St. Louis, Missouri). After undergrad, I worked at Irkutsk State University’s Biological Research Institute, where I studied how Baikal’s amphipods (basically freshwater shrimp) express proteins differently with increasing temperatures. My time living in Siberia ultimately brought me back to the U.S. to pursue a PhD at Washington State University, where I study how sewage pollution into lakes can alter ecological communities and foodwebs. Aside from my primary research, I am also passionate about incorporating emerging data science and open science techniques into limnological research, such as through remote sensing, statistical modeling, and research computing.

Beyond research, I enjoy playing racquetball competitively (yes, it’s for young people, too!), exercising, cooking, watching those television shows you only admit to watching/enjoying with people you trust, and socializing with friends.