Maya DeGrood


I am a lesbian and I am a BSc student in biochemistry with a love of genomics. //

My name is Maya and I’m finishing up my BSc (in my 5th year) in biochemistry. I’m passionate about personalized approaches to healthcare using genomics but currently spend my time in a rumen metagenomics lab working for the Government of Canada. I also love contributing what I can to science literacy through my Instagram and volunteering activities. I’m a proud member of the LGBTQ community and spent the majority of my undergrad confused and lost when it came to my sexuality and finding support. For me personally, femme invisibility and bierasure were the hardest to deal with, so I try to be as visible as possible now so that I can help any queer individuals I meet feel more comfortable. My local queer community is small but mighty and I love being a part of it.