Marianne ‘Maz’ Aspbury

She/her or They/them

I am queer/ pansexual/ bisexual and I am a computational neuroscientist.//


I’m a pan/bi/queer PhD student studying infant pain using neuroimaging techniques (inc. functional MRI) at Oxford University. I’m not a neuroscientist by training: I did my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences (Majoring in Physics with Chemistry) at the University of Bath, but I wanted to apply my skills to a clearly meaningful goal, like improving infant health, and my computational/programming experience fits in well.
I got involved with LGBT+ STEMinar a few years ago, with friends from Bath, and felt so happy to have an open and vibrant community to be a part of: too often LGBT+ people are hidden in STEM. At Oxford Uni, I am involved with EDI groups to educate and improve the experiences for scientists from diverse backgrounds. In this respect, the Oxford Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (Oxford WIN) has been such a supportive and proactive group to be part of.